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As the media we use to communicate evolve with changing times, the process of designing needs to integrate both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design – one has to study the attention span of the ultimate audience, its habits and patterns, to determine what kind of design will speak most effectively to whom and via which medium.



Over the years, we have worked with a large number of satisfied clients, many of whom, in the course of time have become friends and have repeatedly called upon us with new projects and ideas needing quality design and implementation. References and testimonials can be provided upon request.

some testimonials

I have worked with Shweta Rao (The Banyan Tree) on several occasions. She conceptualised, designed and coordinated the printing process of several multimedia products that I had to produce. We worked together on two multimedia folders for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India. One was on the organisation UNDP India itself and the other was on the programmes of UNDP regarding Climate Change. Both these folders consisted of a beautifully designed outer folder that held fact sheets and a DVD inside. The fact sheets described UNDP’s projects in India.The DVD recapped all the information digitally and showed some additional features. These products were very convincing and of such high quality that the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) contacted me to have the same kind of product for its programmes in India. Shweta and I worked on their folder together as well and it turned out to be another success.
Shweta is highly professional and efficient. Her suggestions and ideas are always out of the ordinary. She always respects deadlines and tries to find the best solution. While creating the SDC-folder we had to work long-distance (India – Switzerland), and she proved to be highly flexible. It has always been a great pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend her. And I would, if the opportunity occurs, work with her again without any hesitation.
Eva van Beek

Ex-Programme Advisor, Head of Communication, United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi, India

I have a very long association with Banyan Tree and with the talented designer Shweta Rao. I met her first as Head of the Department of Germanic & Romance Studies, whose Information Bulletins and the Website was designed and produced by Banyan Tree. Our excellent experience of working with Shweta Rao and her quality production of our orders made me get in touch with her once again when I was appointed Provost of International Students’ Hostel for Women, (a Delhi University Hostel for foreign students).  Shweta produced our brochure of information bulletin for many years and later she also designed the wonderful website of the hostel.

At both the places the main objective was to give all the information about the two institutions clearly and precisely and present them in the most creative manner as the target users are mainly foreigners or related to world outside India. In the case of the brochures the idea was that maximum information gets conveyed to the user without confusion and the advice was to economise on paper and printing. Thus the space on each page and total layout had to be creatively used so that the brochure would be presented aesthetically and would look neat and accessible.

I must state that the end product not only fulfilled all our expectations but captured the very spirit of our institutions. While preparing the Hostel brochure as well as the website design Shweta worked very hard as she would visit the hostel premise and photograph the spaces like the rooms, dining hall, gardens, lawns and total surrounding in the most artistic way in order to show the beauty and comfort of the place which would become a home for the foreign students. Imaginatively created pages give all the information in such a colorful and precise manner that one gets an idea of the institution at a glance. Shweta’s sense of aesthetics, the sophistication of the colour combination, the understanding of a specific need of an academic atmosphere and the knowledge of the art of designing is reflected on each page and slide of the virtual as well as paper product.

Shweta’s friendly, pleasant and cordial nature made it easy to work with her. Her quick grasp of our ideas and professional dealing was also appreciated by the hostel staff and officers. She was always available for help or modification and offered her services even in handling the website at the later stage.

With great sense of satisfaction I can state that Banyan Tree is indeed highly recommended by us for quality and beautiful production. We are ever ready to invite Banyan Tree for our future projects. I wish Shweta Rao and Bayan Tree great success in their entire endeavor.   

Professor Vibha Maurya

Provost (Retd.), International Students’ House for Women, Delhi

I have known Shweta Rao (The Banyan Tree) as a designer for more than ten years, to be more precise since 2003. She is one person who understands what I want, in what ever crazy way I express it, and produces things that I immediately say ‘YES!!’ to. She’s worked with me on SCERT and NCERT books and when I moved to AND College in 2005 she has done all the designing for the Prospectus, Annual reports and the College magazine ever since. I’ve also had her do the design work often on large posters that talk about the college!! And have been thrilled about her work, that is delivered on time, everytime!

Professor Savithri Singh

Country Lead, Creative Commons India Chapter

Shweta (The Banyan Tree) is an absolute delight to work with. I have always been able to convey my ideas of the design very easily and after the first few designs it became effortless. What I really appreciated was that she took time to understand Why, What, and for Whom part of the design process. Her inputs on improving the design were always on the mark. I would say I am a bit too particular about the smallest of details, but she always made it exactly as I wanted it, no matter how much iterations it took
In short, Shweta is the first person that pops to my mind whenever I need anything related to graphic design.
Pallav Singh

Founder, India Drives Safe

Shweta (The Banyan Tree) has a rare combination of skills.  She is extremely attentive to the client’s needs, taking time to ensure she understands them entirely; she can, of course, visualize what design would work and then implement this; she will do her utmost to do so within a deadline (however unrealistic) and she is profoundly honest in her approach to everything.

Nicholas Thompson

Partner, Street Connections Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

I have worked with Shweta for over a decade now. And I have seen her flower professionally over these years. She was part of designing the architecture of a web portal that I had conceived called “Indiaritual.com” back in the early 90’s. . She was in charge of finalising the design, content and creating the advertising content for the site. She did a great job even though she was new in this field and dotcoms was a very novel idea then.
We have also worked together in recent years and I know for a fact that any novel or creative concept that I might want to embark upon has to have her stamp of approval. She is independent, confident and delivers what she promises.

Amitosh Moitra

Partner, Moitra Duggal and Associates